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Skin Cancer Prevention

There is a range of prevention measures you can take to lessen your risk of Skin Cancer. The sun’s harmful UV rays can affect your skin, whether the days are bright and sunny or cool and cloudy, so it pays to take precautions to ensure maximum protection. Here are some things you can do.


The sun’s UV Rays are at their highest between the hours of 11am and 3pm. Avoid stepping out during these times if possible.


A 30+ broad-spectrum sunscreen should be applied to the visible parts of your body, including the back of your hands, neck, and ears, 20 minutes before going outside. Don’t forget to re-apply regularly and use a water-resistant sunscreen if you are going to participate in active sports, swimming, or if there's a chance you will sweat.


Broad-brimmed or legionnaires hats are best because they provide coverage to your head face, ears, and neck. Hat not up to the task? Make sure you’ve got plenty of sunscreen on hand to apply to any exposed spots.


Protect your eyes from damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays with good quality sunnies that meet the Australian Standard.


Slip on a shirt with a collar and long sleeves. Avoid anything too flimsy by holding it up to the light to check the weave. The higher density weave, the greater protection for your skin.

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