Spot Check

Lasting around 10 minutes, it will also involve having up to three skin lesions of concern reviewed by the doctor. It is important to always remember that if you are worried about a few lesions, there may be other lesions on your body that should be checked and we encourage everyone to undergo a full body check where possible. 

Full Body Check

The Full Body Check is the recommended and most important service we provide. The check takes 20-30 minutes and involves a full head-to-toe check as well as photographs taken by our state-of-the-art computerized dermatoscopy system.

Surgical Procedures

Sometimes suspicious lesions requiring further testing will arise, and a procedure known as a biopsy may be performed during your consultation. This allows your doctor to send off a sample of the lesion to be verified under the microscope as to whether it’s cancerous or benign. This procedure helps to avoid unnecessary surgery, but also give 100% certainty as to the nature of the skin lesion.

Full excisions of non-melanoma skin cancers can also be performed by our fully qualified doctors. We will usually book this as a separate appointment after the initial skin check.



Spot Check

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Full Body Check

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Children under 16 are Bulk Billed.